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A Golden Opportunity for Educational Counsellors to Immigrate to Canada

Canada is renowned for its robust immigration system, which welcomes skilled professionals from around the world. In a recent announcement by Canada’s Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, an exciting opportunity has emerged for a specific group of professionals – Educational Counsellors. Now Educational Counsellors can immigrate (as permanent residents – PR – along with their family) to Canada.

Educational Counsellors play a crucial role in guiding students on various educational matters, career planning, and personal development. Their contribution is vital in shaping the future of students, and the demand for their expertise is high in Canada, given the country’s emphasis on education and career growth. Examples of some of job titles of Educational Counsellors include:

  • Academic Advisers
  • Academic Counsellors
  • Academic Skills Counsellors
  • Career Counsellors in Education
  • College Counsellors
  • Co-op Officers in Schools
  • Co-op Placement Officers in Schools
  • Co-op Program Coordinators in Schools
  • Counselling Interns
  • Counsellors for Aboriginal Students
  • Education Officers
  • Educational Counsellors
  • Educational Guidance Directors
  • First Nations Counsellors in Education
  • First Nations Studies Program Academic Advisers
  • Guidance Counsellors in Education
  • Guidance Service Heads
  • Independent or Applied Studies Officers
  • Indigenous Advisors in Colleges
  • International Student Advisers
  • Learning and Study Skills Specialists
  • Personal Academic Counsellors
  • Personal Counsellors in Education
  • School Adjustment Officers
  • School Counsellors
  • School Guidance Department Heads
  • Student Affairs and Employment Officers
  • Student Counsellors
  • Student Employment Services Coordinators
  • Student Services Counsellors
  • University Counsellors
  • Vocational Counsellors in Education
  • Vocational Guidance Counsellors in Education.

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has introduced category-based selection draws for candidates, with a specific focus on professions such as Educational Counsellors. This strategic move aims to fill vacant positions across the country and address labor shortages in specific sectors. More details on these draws will be released shortly.

If you are an Educational Counsellor considering immigration, Canada could be the perfect destination for you. It offers a vibrant multicultural society, excellent opportunities for career growth, and a high standard of living.

This opportunity is open till end of 2023.

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