Complete Immigration Services for Canada

We deal with on all aspects of Canadian Immigration with specialization in overcoming refusals and dealing with complex cases.

Refusals and Complex Cases

We specialize in turning refusals into approvals. With our deep understanding of immigration laws and extensive experience in handling complex cases, we relentlessly advocate for our clients, leaving no stone unturned in our pursuit of successful outcomes.

With the invaluable help of ZipThruImmigration, my previous refusal for a spousal open work permit for Canada was successfully overturned, and I couldn’t be more grateful for their assistance. Working with ZipThruImmigration was an exceptional experience, expertise in resolving refusal cases ….

— P. G.

ZipThruImmigration Pvt. Ltd. and highly recommend their immigration services to anyone looking to make the immigration process a lot easier and understandable. The complexity of our LMIA-based work permit was no match for their friendly and knowledgeable staff, who handled everything with utmost professionalism and pro-activeness, which was approved within a mere two months….

— J. S.

Overcome Inadmissibility

We are dedicated to overcoming inadmissibility obstacles. With our in-depth knowledge of immigration regulations and a proven track record of navigating complex cases, we tirelessly work to help our clients overcome inadmissibility challenges and achieve their immigration goals.

Need a consultation

Get expert guidance and personalized advice through our paid consultation services. Whether you have immigration concerns, need assistance with refusal cases, or seek clarity on your options, our team is here to provide you with the guidance you need.

What we offer

Immigration Appeals

Unlock your second chance with our Immigration Appeals service, where we leave no legal avenue unexplored in fighting for your right to enter and stay.


Overcome inadmissibility hurdles and pave your way to a successful immigration journey with our comprehensive solutions.

Visa Refusals

Transform visa refusals into approvals with our expert guidance and strategic approach, opening doors to the opportunities you deserve.

Work Permits

Secure your work permit smoothly and efficiently with our specialized expertise, empowering you to pursue your professional aspirations.

Removal Orders

Navigate removal orders with confidence as we provide strategic counsel and effective solutions to help you address and overcome this challenge.

Provincial Nomination

Maximize your chances of Canadian immigration through Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) with our tailored guidance and comprehensive support.

Permanent Residency

Embark on the path to permanent residency (PR) with our expertise, ensuring a smooth transition and a brighter future in your chosen destination.

Business Immigration

Elevate your entrepreneurial journey and global business expansion with our strategic business immigration solutions, tailored to unlock international opportunities.